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Take the autobahn A24 till interchange Schwerin and then go on the autobahn A14 in direction Ludwigslust till exit Grabow. Drive on the B191 in direction Dömitz for roundabout 9km. Several hundred meters before Eldena follow the signs and turn right to the festival area.

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Fly to Hamburg oder Berlin and take the train to 19288 Ludwigslust (there will also be offers for shuttle from Hamburg and Berlin to the festival). The cheapest way is booking a Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ticket by Deutsche Bahn, on which up to 5 travellers can use the train for not more than 39€. Info about the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ticket: here
Alternatively there is a Schleswig-Holstein ticket available, on which up to 5 travellers can use the train for not more than 40€.
Info about the Schleswig-Holstein ticket: here
There will be permanent shuttle service from Ludwigslust train station to the festival area. The shuttle from Ludwigslust train station to the festival will cost 5€.

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Hamburg, Kiel & Lübeck

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Please collect your rubbish and bring it to the containers when you leave and please take care of other guests. If you see that anybody is in trouble, please help him or get in touch with our security team. Barbecue is allowed but open fire and fireworks are strictly prohibited. You can build up your tent directly beside your car and campers and mobile homes are allowed of course. With Utopia Camping you can order your camping equipment online in advance and receive it at the venue when you arrive. Take a look at the offer of Utopia Camping!

But you can also rent one of our limited tents in our fenced Festipi Camping Village. Then you would have

  • Best place near the festival area
  • Illuminated area
  • Extra toilets
  • Energy supply in your tent to charge your mobile phone for example (limited to 250 watts)
  • A reception which is available 24hrs for your questions and wishes

Take a look at the offer of Festipi and place your order!

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Food, Drinks and Market

A wide range of food shops and a lot of colorful offers of clothes, jewelry and many more awaits you. If you want to run your own shop at Psychedelic Circus, please use this form for your application: Form

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